Central Vacuum Systems in Medicine and Industry

Zentrale Vakuumsysteme für Medizin und Industrie
Zentrale Vakuumsysteme für Medizin und Industrie
Wherever a permanently changing vacuum is required our central vacuum systems of the ZM-series represent a reliable and energy efficient vacuum source. They are well-suited for the most demanding conditions in industry.

These systems have been developed especially for use in hospitals or other medical facilities to meet the requirements of DIN ISO 7396-1 in application with the antibacterial filter units of the ZMF-series. The core piece of our central vacuum systems are one (ZMS), two (ZMD) or three (ZMT) single-stage air-cooled oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps. These systems can be installed space saving on the tank or on a separate frame and are completed by modern control cabinets. Due to their compact and space-saving design these ZM systems can easily be retrofitted in restricted spaces.

ZM systems for a central vacuum supply are designed for continuous operation. A basic load pump warrants a minimal consumption of the central system. If the desired output cannot be covered, another vacuum pump is added. The control system ensures a vacuum in a predefined pressure interval. This can be altered by the customer’s authorised personnel. The control system ensures operational safety and in the event of a malfunction it switches from operational to a standby pump.

In case you cannot find a suitable standard system in our product list that matches your particular application we will be happy to offer you a modified system according to your needs.

pumping speed
number of
vacuum pumps
final pressure
dimensions [mm]
widthx length x hight
ZMS100-20201 piece11001251 x 600 x 1230
ZMS100-40401 piece0,51001251 x 600 x 1230
ZMS300-40401 piece0,53001520 x 810 x 1430
ZMS300-70701 piece0,53001520 x 810 x 1430
ZMS300-1001001 piece0,53001520 x 810 x 1430
ZMD300-20402 pieces13001520 x 810 x 1430
ZMD300-40802 pieces0,53001520 x 810 x 1430
ZMD500-40802 pieces0,55002030 x 860 x 1500
ZMD500-701402 pieces0,55002030 x 860 x 1500
ZMD900-1002002 pieces0,59002350 x 1030 x 1610
ZMD900-1653302 pieces0,59002350 x 1180 x 1610
ZMD900-2004002 pieces0,59002350 x 1190 x 1610
ZMD900-3006002 pieces0,59002350 x 1270 x 1710
ZMT500-20603 pieces15002030 x 850 x 1500
ZMT500-401203 pieces0,55002030 x 850 x 1500
ZMT500-702103 pieces0,55002030 x 920 x 1500
ZMT900-1003003 pieces0,59002500 x 1160 x 2320
ZMT900-2006003 pieces0,59002500 x 1160 x 2320
ZMT900-3009003 pieces0,59002500 x 1160 x 2320

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