Compact Systems based on LR-Pumps

Compact Vacuum Units based on Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

CSM Vakuumkompaktanlagen, Kompaktsysteme auf Basis FR-Pumpen
In order to simplify the selection and ordering process for our customers as well as ZM internal procedures we have developed a particular range of vacuum units to meet many requirements. This standardisation allows us to offer attractive prices and shortened delivery times. In general some of our systems are available from stock.

The X2/X3-units consist of liquid ring vacuum pump, separator and inlet filter and are suitable for a mixed operation, because of best possible utilisation of the ring liquid, recycled by the separator and additional feeding of fresh liquid. These units can be supplemented for circulation pumping, for example by a cooling water volume controller, an upstream ejector or heat exchanger.

All systems are available in various materials and can be modified to fulfil ATEX requirements (replacement of compact pumps ZLR-M by ZLR-L, additional instrumentation equipment).

Currently we are working on the extension of this product series as to further model sizes. Please contact us for off-standard sizes!

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