ZM Vakuum GmbH has been represented in the area of vacuum pumps, vacuum technology, vacuum units and equipment. We develop and realize solutions in the area of the industrial equipment and vacuum technology with the aim to fulfil demands of our customers. Thanks to many years experience in this area and the technical possibilities ZM Vakuum GmbH offers not only single aggregates, but also complete solutions independent of the fact whether a new unit should be produced or a new unit has to be integrated into an already existing plant. The employees of ZM are pleased to do an individual consultation in each application case in order to find the suitable technology and to help finding the best solution.

Excellent cooperation in international project teams, particularly with Italy, Great Britain, India and the USA, helps us to prove ourselves on the international market. ZM can successfully realize extensive projects with comprehensive specifications and high demands on documentation and project management. In recent years, ZM has been able to realize interesting reference projects and thus build up a recognized and international image. Our international network enables us to participate in international projects and provide support and after-sales service worldwide.

The company’s product range includes various types of vacuum pumps, which are offered as individual units and complete units. ZM Vakuum GmbH is your reliable partner for the purchase of new vacuum pumps and units as well as for the replacement of existing systems with more energy-efficient, state-of-the-art systems.

Of great importance are the vacuum systems that are required in the industrial sector and also in research facilities and laboratories to generate rough and fine vacuum.

A sophisticated product range and high product quality, as well as continuous further development, make it possible to find a solution for every task.

In close collaboration of our customers and our engineers we apply the abovementioned technologies to produce intelligent products and solutions, define the interfaces, fix type and construction of the vacuum pumps and / or vacuum units to be produced and deliver exactly to the vacuum producer’s necessity for the vacuum application.

We can present meaningful references for vacuum units developed and produced by us which demonstrate our professionalism.

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