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Oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps

This type of vacuum pump is divided in single-stage oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps suitable for rough vacuum and two-stage oil lubricated vacuum pumps applicable for fine and partly high vacuums. For this type of vacuum pump it is of particular importance to comply with the specified maintenance intervals. The vacuum pump oil of each of the two subtypes combines three functions, namely lubrication, cooling and sealing. This means that a regular oil change is the key for proper functioning and durability of vacuum pumps. Also oil filters, slides, seals and bearings have to be replaced according to maintenance plan in order to make the most out of the pumps’ resources.

Two maintenance kits are available in order to standardise these works and to facilitate their organisation:

    • Standard maintenance kit, consisting of oil filter or cartridge type oil filter, oil housing seal, replacement filters for gas ballast device and coupling insert.
    • Kit for extraordinary maintenance, additional to the standard kit consists of slides, shaft seals, bearings and a complete sealing set.

    If the vacuum pump is fitted with an upstream air filter, its filter insert must be replaced at regular intervals. If a stainless steel filter is used it can be cleaned with compressed air.

Dry-running rotary vane vacuum pumps

This device is widely used because its suction chamber is free of contamination with oil or other cooling or lubricating agents.

The slides are made of graphite. Thanks to top-quality material, self-lubricating properties and modern design, giving them a long life 1 to 2 years in normal operation.

However, if these slides are not replaced in time there is a risk of rotor and stator destruction, because worn slides break and cause damage by jamming.

Filters located within the pumps collect the graphite dust resulting from wear. Also integrated are air filters within the suction pipe. Their replacement should be monitored as the service life of the vacuum pump or compressor is directly determined by proper functioning of these filters.

All bearings of dry-running vacuum pumps with a pumping speed exceeding 60 m³/h require monitoring and possibly corrective action.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps and liquid ring compressors

The main wearing part of these vacuum pumps and compressors is the mechanical shaft seal. Its lifetime is approx. 3 years in normal operation. Special maintenance kits for their replacement, consisting of the mechanical shaft seal as well as of small parts and wearing parts, whose replacement is recommended when dismantling the shaft, such as suction valve, sealing compound, screws, nuts.

Membrane Vacuum Pumps and Diagraphm Compressors

With membrane vacuum pumps the membrane itself and the valves of the working space require a regular replacement. However, replacement intervals are long which makes this design of vacuum pumps and the compressors as very reliable and durable.

Roots Pumps

Within the containment of Roots pumps both counter-rotating rotors work without contact, thus making them the most reliable pumps.

Side Channel Compressors

Side channel compressors are among aggregates with a dynamic effect and therefore the only parts subject to wear are their bearings. With side channel compressors special attention needs to be paid to the cleanliness of intake air. In case of contamination, the air filter needs to be replaced immediately.

Complex Systems

Within complex systems not only the main components (vacuum pump or compressor) but also all other components- without exception – require maintenance, for example valves, instrumentation equipment, shut-off valves.

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