Liquid ring vacuum pumps ZM Vakuum

The liquid ring vacuum pumps offered by ZM Vakuum are applied for production of pure vacuum. If you want to pump out air or steam air mixture, it is recommendable to use the ZM Vakuum -liquid ring vacuum pumps.

The liquid ring vacuum pumps are robust and easy in servicing, thanks to there for many years tested construction – to an eccentrically stored impeller in the housing. Operating liquid is water as usual; however, other liquids could be also used. This depends on the sphere where ZM Vakuum – liquid ring vacuum pumps are applied.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps (also “water ring vacuum pumps”, “water ring pumps”, liquid ring pumps“) are inured to liquids, steams as well as to solid particles.

A unique quality of the liquid ring pumps is the iso thermal compression. This permits, for e.g., conveying also the media which tend to the polymerisation.

The oil free compression is possible because instead of oil (as for example in rotary vane pumps) a medium for sealing, cooling and lubrication serves the liquid ring itself. The liquid ring can consist of different materials depending on process and use. This way in complicated processes a contamination is avoided. The service liquid of which the liquid ring consist can be adapted to the process and be integrated into it. Thus material and disposal costs can be saved. Our engineers consult you with pleasure!

The design of the liquid ring vacuum pumps can guarantee high security during compression of ignitable gases and steams.

Thanks to uncomplicated design of the liquid ring vacuum pumps, adaptation of the media-touched construction materials to the conveyed medium is possible. Corrosive and/or aggressive media can be conveyed without problems. Here we offer big number of different material combinations compound with recommendations for suitable service liquids.

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