Liquid ring vacuum pumps and their operating mode

Operating mode of liquid ring vacuum pumps

A liquid ring vacuum pump consists of eccentrically mounted wheel, housing and operating liquid. Further to the vacuum system belong one more liquid separator and in many cases one heat exchanger.

During operation the operating liquid is moved by the rotation of the wheel and is thrown by centrifugal forces outwards to the housing. Thus a uniform liquid ring is built on the housing wall.

The impeller vane dives on the upper side completely into the liquid ring and on the lower side it emerges. Impeller vanes create several chambers which change their volume through immerging and emerging.

So originates there on one side a chamber which grows in the volume and sucks in the medium to be evacuated and on the other side a chamber which decreases and compresses the medium in suction chamber before it is discharged.

The operating liquid has beside the compression of the carrier gas serves also as a sealant to housing wall and at the same time it is also a coolant which allows reaching isotherm compression.

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