Single-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps – series PVL / EU

EU 300
EU 300
EU 105
EU 105

Vacuum pumps of the series EU (manufacturer: P.V.R. s.r.l, Italy) are single-stage, oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps with a final pressure from 0.5 till 20 mbar.

These vacuum pumps are indestructible, million times proven, permanently in application also in long-term application and additional charges! Although this principle of the vacuum production and the pump type are available for already long time on the market, we point out modern processing, application of high grade High Tech materials and the newest calculation and construction methods in EU vacuum pumps. Robust, reliable and –by qualified servicing (here we support you with words and deeds) – practically not to be broken!

The high steam compatibility of these pumps is to be emphasized and it can be improved even further in comparison to the catalogue values (please make an inquiry!).

Model Throughput
in m3/h
Final vacuum (row A/
row B)
in mbar
Engine power
in kW
Sound pressure level
in dB(À)
Dimensions (LxBxH )
in mm
in kg
Data sheet Instruction manual
PVL 10120,5 / 200,3765380x260x20623
PVL 15170,5 / 200,5566415x260x22225
PVL 25250,5 / 200,7567460x269x26838
PVL 35350,5 / 200,7568460x269x26838Platzhalter Vakuumpumpen kaufen
EU 45450,5 / 101,168556x340x28452
EU 65650,5 / 101,569601x340x28460
EU 1051050,5 / 102,267735x405x33482
EU 1601520,5 / 10371805x436x348104
EU 2052050,5 / 10470895x551x436161
EU 3003000,5 / 105,571979x551x436188
EU 300 ATEX3000,5 / 107,5711056x551x445239
PVL 4004030,5 / 107,578127x602x532305
PVL 5405360,5 / 1011791424x602x532330
EU 650 H660≤0,1 ohne Gasballastvent.
≤0,5 mit Gasballastvent.
EU 7507650,5 / 1018,5791679x941x659767
EU 100010130,5 / 1022801710x941x659862

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