Two-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps – series PHV


The two-stage vacuum pumps of series PHV for high vacuum (manufacturer: P.V.R. s.r.l, Italy) distinguish themselves through new design and reach higher vacuum and capacities. Furthermore the easy installation, starting up and maintenance of these pumps are to be mentioned.

The application area of these pumps is very diverse. For example, in labs, for production of cathode ray tubes, mass spectrometer, electric light bulbs, illuminant lights, fridges, but also as a booster pump in pump systems.

The pumps are delivered completely with check valve, gas ballast valve and ISO KF flanges. The function of the check valve, specially designed for PHV series, is to protect vacuum systems against oil fog during the back flow if the pump stops, or if it pumps again after short work interruption.

Other qualities:

  • extremely low noise level
  •  high protection from damages and wearing down
  • PHV-5 to PHV-30 are delivered with retractable handle
  • Pumps avoid condensation thanks to self cleansing system
  • an easy service and maintenance
  • Cost-effective

Operating instructions and technical data as a pdf file:

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