Two-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps – series ZRVL-D

Series ZRVL-D


Two-stage oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps are used everywhere, where the final pressure to be achieved lies in the area 10-2 mbar and lower.


Model Performance
in m3/h
Final pressure(abs)
in mbar
Engine power
in kW
in kg
ZRVL-D 65,410-40,3723
ZRVL-D 1210,80,3725
ZRVL-D 2421,60,7537
ZRVL-D 3632,50,7539
ZRVL-D 48501,5064
ZRVL-D 60652,2083
ZRVL-D 90903,088
ZRVL-D 1201207×10-4


ZRVL-D 1801805,50290
ZRVL-D 2702707,50358
ZRVL-D 3603607,5584
ZRVL-D 45045015668

Attention: differences of the final pressure are possible. Other construction sizes on inquiry.

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