Screw pumps

Screw pumps are pumps that have cast iron screw rotors with high strength and robustness. The screws consist of two or more counter-rotating rotors and a housing that encloses the rotors. The screws do not touch the pump housing, which means that high speed and continuous delivery of the media to be evacuated is achieved. This also ensures that the pumps have a very long lifetime. Because they are oil-free vacuum pumps, they require very little maintenance and the operating costs are relatively low. The screw pumps can be operated continuously or discontinuously.

The application areas of screw pumps include: Process industry, power plant technology, pharmaceuticals, plastics industry, semiconductor industry, battery industry and many other branches of industry

Zu den Einsatzgebieten der Schraubenpumpen gehören: Prozessindustrie, Kraftwerkstechnik, Pharmazie, Kunststoffindustrie, Halbleiterbranche, Batterieindustrie und viele weitere Industriezweige

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