Vacuum system construction in the highest efficiency and reliability: We are the specialists and planners for vacuum system construction that you are looking for.

You will find almost no industry in which no vacuum system construction is required. At ZM Vacuum, we offer the know-how for the construction of high-quality standardized vacuum systems and individually adapted systems for vacuum system construction. As our customer, we want you to always get exactly the vacuum you need in your production processes or technology builds. As a specialist for vacuum construction, we plan and build your system and can point to a satisfied customer base. As a vacuum system manufacturer, we are also your competent contact for the service and repair of vacuum systems.

Standardized systems for vacuum system construction according to ATEX

Order our standardized systems, which we have in stock in our warehouse, or have an exact concept for vacuum system construction prepared, which we also integrate competently and reliably into your production or your in-house and laboratory technology.

We are happy to explain the advantages of a standardized vacuum system designed with liquid pumps or compact vacuum systems, which were manufactured according to the current ATEX directive.

Are you looking for reliable and efficient systems? As a vacuum system manufacturer, we recommend our ZM-Series.

The design and construction of vacuum systems of the ZM series are ideal for use in really demanding industrial conditions. Energy efficiency is a top priorityin the construction of these vacuumsystems. Where constant and variable consumption is required, we use vacuum system builders.

We build compact vacuum systems

Are you looking for a specialist for customer-specific vacuum system construction? As vacuum system builders, we know what our customers need. The individual requirements of our customers are realized point by point in the construction of vacuum systems. In vacuum system construction, it often depends on the successful solution concept, which our engineers plan individually for our customers and we then implement with the highest competence as vacuum system builders. You are looking for special individual devices or need a customer-specific vacuum system – get the specialist in vacuum system construction – ZM Vakuum GmbH.

In vacuum system construction, it is often important to have the perfectly planned system, which offers our customers from industry and research ideal working conditions.

In vacuum system construction, engineering is in demand. For the individual planning and construction of vacuum systems, we are a competent and reliable partner for companies throughout Germany, in Europe and also in the global market. However, we also offer compact product lines with which we could react quickly to the customer’s wishes. For the construction of vacuum systems and vacuum pumps, in system construction for coarse and fine vacuum, everywhere we can advise our customers specifically and secure our customer base with a convincing vacuum system construction and repair service.

In vacuum construction, flexibility and speed are important – and often the highest accuracy

We are pleased that you are interested in our performance vacuum system construction. We are happy to advise you on the advantages of various vacuum pumps, compact systems according to ATEX guidelines precisely for your specific application area, in advance of an order.

For us as a vacuum system manufacturer, designing a vacuum system efficiently according to the customer’s requirements is at the heart of our corporate philosophy. In vacuum system construction, efficiency and know-how are also important. And even under harsh operating conditions, we as a vacuum builder implement the perfect system.

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