Central vacuum installations

Vacuum installations for central vacuum supply are used everywhere, where different consumers simultaneously and at the same time with different levels of consumption and, if required, with different working pressures, in energy-saving and resource-efficient mode should be supplied with vacuum, for e.g.:

  • Cutting machines
  • Processing machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Impregnating machines.

The central vacuum supply guarantees the observance of the minimum vacuum in the system and at the same time a power-saving application through the special energy savings circuit, by the application of several (normally 2-3) vacuum pumps equal in size, an enough big vacuum buffer as well as a special control. It means that only so much vacuum is supplied as really needed. There is no energy-intensive bypass regulation with fresh air. The vacuum pumps are switched on/off depending from actual need. The minimum durations are performed as mechanically gentle operation. The basic load pump is switched after the preinstalled working hours (standard 8h). Thanks to the design for the maximum required delivery volume there appear reserves, so that the pumps can be maintained without that the customers notice any difference in work.

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