Vacuum units for chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Vacuum is a basic condition for many chemical processes. It is used inter alia in distillation, crystallization, filtration and auxiliary processes.

Technical example of a steam jet vacuum unit

Steam jet vacuum unit

Main Parts:

  • a starting ejector
  • two holding steam ejector
  • an intercondenser
  • a silencer
  • a safety valve
  • Measuring and control technology

The steam jet vacuum unit works after the Venturi principle. In ejectors there is a cross section constriction and after the Bernoulli equation, a sub pressure originates in a flowed through nozzle.
At this point the second suction opening is added in which vacuum is generated.

In this example is the steam jet vacuum unit a component of a turbine condenser and should generate the vacuum on the outlet of the turbine so that it works more economically.

Technical example of a liquid ring vacuum pump stand

Liquid ring vacuum pump unit

The liquid ring vacuum pump stand is designed for conveying of air saturated with methylene chloride by a process pressure of 500mbar (abs) and volume flow rate 700m3 / h. It is constructed on the basis of ZLR-D800XX with separator, tube bundle heat exchanger, Burgmann double-acting mechanical seal with irrigation system, control, measuring equipment as well as control equipment and pipework. All components are made out of high-grade steel 1.4571 and are inherently safe designed according to ATEX.

All components are mounted on a basic frame ready to use, are modulated and tested. The whole liquid ring vacuum pump stand can be transported thanks to the basic frame by means of crane eyelets as well as by a forklift.

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