Vacuum installations for dehydration deep wells in periphery open-cast mines

Vakuumanlage für Vakuumbrunnen
Vacuum installation for vacuum wells
Open-cast mine
Schematischer Aufbau
Schematic construction

Vacuum wells are used for the acceleration of the dehydration processes in opencast mining edge areas. In the upper area of the well a vacuum installation is connected. By the created subpressure in the well, the water from the surrounding rock and soil layers is drawn off quicker.

The vacuum installations for vacuum wells designed and realized by ZM are characterized by the following features:

  • Installation under free sky, without additional container (cost savings). Only the logic elements together with the control / regulation are placed in a robust, ventilated and heated switch box.
  • Robust base frame and protective roof for the vacuum pumps.
  • Free programmable control with visualization of the process, setting possibility for pressure, times and modes of operation (start-up operation, continuous operation and overrun)
  • Different protected operator’s levels (operator, expert, programmer)
  • Password protection optionally possible.
  • Integration through MODBUS in higher leading control point

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