Vacuum units for wood processing

Vakuumanlage in der Holzverarbeitung
Vacuum unit for wood processing

Nowadays the wood processing cannot be imagined without application of vacuum pumps. Without rotary vane vacuum pumps and liquid ring vacuum pumps the pressing, transport as well as lamination are not possible.

These pumps have found a worldwide recognition among the manufacturers of wood working machines.

We suggest for this application centrifugal pumps of the series VT, KVT of the company Becker GmbH. Pumps of these series offer vacuum of 150 mbar. The pumps are maintenance-friendly and are constructed for a Non-Stop-Running. For laminating and production of bonded panels the oil-lubricated vacuum pumps are used. To reach necessary pressure for a given process, the oil-lubricated vacuum pumps with final pressure from 20 to 80 mbar (according to process and suitable temperature) are used.

Vakuumpumpe in der Holzverarbeitung
Vacuum unit for wood processing

We offer a wide range of oil-lubricated vacuum pumps of the Italian manufacturer PVR (single-stage pumps series EM, EU, PVL) and the German company Becker (single-stage pumps series U). The productivity of the vacuum pumps lies in the area from 4 m³ to 1013 m³. We guarantee to you the right choice for your manufacturing process.


The wood drying is necessary for further wood processing. This happens with the help of vacuum.    
Because this process takes place in the early stage of the working process, the wood contains still very high humidity. That’s why the best decision is a liquid ring vacuum pump. In some cases screw vacuum pumps are also possible.

Vacuum dryers can be delivered in different executions, for example, as simple pump aggregates with manual services and a minimum of equipment, but also as high automated vacuum systems with complete automation solutions for an easy servicing and / or a connection to the existing system.

Vakuumpumpe in der Holzverarbeitung
Vacuum unit for wood processing

Airing and removing of strands  
For this problem are widespread industrial ventilating fans of the company Elektror series ND and RD as well as Elektror conveyor belts of series RD F.

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