Vacuum units

Standard systems

These systems offer a fast available and economically meaningful solution for many application cases. 

Customized Vacuum Systems

Depending on the application, these vacuum systems consist of a combination of liquid ring pumps and Roots pumps, rotary vane pumps and Roots pumps, complemented by additional steps, such as jet devices.

Special know-how is necessary for all these vacuum applications in order to make vacuum suitable for usage and application terms!

Together with engineers of our customers who assemble abovementioned technologies in intelligent products and solutions, we define the interfaces, fix kind and construction of the vacuum pumps and/or vacuum units to be delivered, and supply exactly the vacuum producer which is necessary for the vacuum application!

We can present informative reference lists for many vacuum applications. Thus you already know in the offer stage exactly that you can trust us!

Vacuum units based on ejectors and steam ejectors

Steam ejectors are an traditionel kind of vacuum generation. They are working without rotating parts, are robust, maintenance free anfd reliable. It can be used a big varity of construction materials. The steam ejectors can be applied perfect to the customers needs because of the individuell calculation and execution. Especially in the food production, chemical industry and power generation they are used often.

Application examples:

Food industry
Packaging industry
Chemie- und Pharmaindustrie
Chemistry & Pharma ind.
Maschinen- und Anlagenbau
Machinery and plant engineering
Plastics industry
Wood processing
Zentrale Vakuumversorgung
Central vacuum supply
Tiefbrunnen zur Entwässerung
Dehydration vacuum supply

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