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No matter which industry, almost no industry can do without vacuum systems and Vacuumtechnology. Whether food industry, packaging industry, mechanical and plant engineering or plastics processing, high-quality vacuum systems are used everywhere. We are the specialist for the planning, construction, and implementation of vacuum systems throughout Germany. Our engineers offer you concepts for standard vacuum systems and concepts for customer-specific vacuum systems.

If you want a quickly available vacuum system, we will be happy to advise you on standardized vacuum systems for medical facilities or for industry. We are happy to explain the advantages of compact systems of standard vacuum systems based on liquid pumps, or compact systems in vacuum generation according to the current ATEX directive.

Complete or tailor-made – the vacuum systems from ZM Vacuum can be used in many ways

Are you looking for complete or tailor-made vacuum systems? In the customer conversation, we are happy to respond to your special requirements for vacuum systems. Our engineers and specialists for vacuum systems can recommend various solution concepts for vacuum pumps and compressors.  With these special vacuum systems we can create a perfect concept for your company. We design your  vacuum system with individual devices or as a customer-specific complete system for vacuum generation.

Individually designed vacuum systems create the best conditions for industry, research, and laboratory

Take advantage of our engineering skills for the individual design of vacuum systems. In our comprehensive product range, we can offer you all kinds of vacuum systems and pumps. We implement perfect solutions for vacuum systems in industry as well as in research laboratories – for example, plants for coarse and fine vacuum.  Are you interested in our vacuum systems?

We are happy to advise you on the advantages of rotary vane vacuum pumps, roller piston vacuum pumps, dry-running vacuum pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps and mini vacuum pumps. Many vacuum systems are designed as compact systems with liquid ring pumps, roller piston pumps, rotary vane pumps with additional steps such as jet engines. At ZM Vacuum, we adapt each vacuum system precisely to the customer’s requirements and needs. This is how we came to our motto: “Every vacuum system is built to suit applications and operating conditions.”

Vacuumtechnology: Ideal connection points from our vacuum systems to your applications

With its know-how, our company determines connection points on how the vacuum system supplied by us are integrated into your production flow or into your technologies. This way, we can always deliver exactly the vacuum you need.

Transparent conception and offer phase for the creation of your vacuum system

We want our customers to always know which components are ideal for your needs. The ordering process is also transparent and very simple. In addition, there are very attractive prices and short delivery times for our fixed customers. Standardized compact vacuum systems can be ordered immediately from our warehouse.

Our customers are enthusiastic about our competent repair service for vacuum systems. Even on the international market, we have already been able to convince with our innovative solutions for vacuum systems.

Our vacuum systems –  this is quality made by ZM Vakuum GmbH.

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