Vacuum units for food industry

The vacuum technology has a wide application field in the food industry. On the basis of vacuum pumps many technological processes are optimized. We offer a wide range of performances for application of vacuum systems in the food industry. The following outline should give you a small insight.

Liquid ring vacuum pump

Application of liquid ring vacuum pumps in the food industry

In the food industry the application of liquid ring vacuum pumps for evacuation of air and gases, in absence of big particles is widespread. The specific feature of these pumps is simplicity and reliability. They are able to pump almost all gases and steams. Some concrete examples are:

  • degassing of meat masses, chocolate
  • in drink production
  • by drying
Vacuum pump in adsorption processes
Vakuumpumpe bei Adsorptionsprozessen

Application in adsorption processes

By applications in adsorption processes screw spindle pumps series SLH of the company Bornemann have proved themselves. They are designed for most processes of liquids conveying. Their construction has influence on efficiency of the technological process as a whole, but also on the quality of the product.

Bornemann pump
Bornemann Pumpe der SLH Reihe

The main application of Bornemann pumps of SLH series in the food industry:

  • Products: oil, soups, ketchup, semi hard food, jams, purees, honey, dough etc.
  • Milk industry: yoghurt, cream, butter, desserts, condensed products, processed cheeses, etc.
  • Patisserie: chocolate, cream, fondant mixture, liquid sugar, fillers, etc.
  • Brewing: malt essence beer and other products.
  • Drinks: juices, concentrates, syrup, wine, champagne, etc.

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